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Travel Tips


Central America & Mexico
Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution

Mexican Peso (MXN)


Central Standard Time (CST)


Country Highlights

Most Known For

Chichen Itza, Mexico City's Historic Center, Tulum, Palenque.

Culture & Cuisine

Noteworthy Mentions

Day of the Dead celebrations, Mariachi music, traditional cuisine

Social Media

Instagram-Worthy Trends

Juan Gabriel, Café Tacvba

Pop Culture

Popular Musicians + Artists

Bad Bunny: Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny has a massive following in Mexico, blending reggaeton and Latin trap with a contemporary twist.

Danna Paola: Mexican actress and singer Danna Paola is a rising star in both national and international music, known for her pop hits.

Mon Laferte: With her unique voice and blend of rock, pop, and traditional Mexican music, Mon Laferte is a standout artist on the contemporary music scene.

Ozuna: Puerto Rican artist Ozuna has gained immense popularity in Mexico with his reggaeton and Latin trap hits.

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